MIGRANT FARMWORKERS EARN OUR SUPPORT!::: 2010 Harvest of Hope Fest Band Registration Fundraiser

Amid the sweltering heat, decked out in iron clad, toasting chilled pales of ale, the blokes over at Ye Old FEST 9 & Southern Lovin are stoked to announce their partnership with the Harvest of Hope Foundation for migrant farmworkers.

Beginning June 18, 2010 to August 13, 2010, we will be accepting band registrations for FEST 9, October 29-31, 2010. Visit the Official FEST 9 web site at www.thefestfl.com for line-up, news and event details.

AUGUST 13th, 2010!

To submit your band’s registration to be considered to play Ye Old FEST 9, we’re asking each band to please donate $5 to the Harvest of Hope Foundation in support of the people who harvest the food we all eat daily, migrant farmworkers.

STEP 1: Add customer information below.

STEP 2: Complete your PayPal payment check out process.

STEP 3: Receive secure access to the FEST 9 band registration form. Only upon the successful completion of your donation will you be able to access and fill out the band registration form.

Sorry, no donation, no registration.

If you happen to experience technical problems when registering, please email us at fest9@harvestofhope.net.

MIGRANT FARMWORKERS EARN OUR SUPPORT!::: 2010 Harvest of Hope Fest Band Registration Fundraiser


As of, January 9th, 2010, we are no longer accepting band submissions for the 2010 Harvest of Hope Fest.

If you submitted your band, we will be making final announcements the week of January 7-14, 2010. Please stay tuned as you will be contacted and notified of your band’s registration status.

To everyone who participated and submitted your band, thank you for taking the time to express your interest in helping us support our countries migrant farmworker population. In addition, we really appreciate all of you sharing your stories about why supporting the Harvest of Hope Foundation is important to you or your band.

As we quickly approach the 2010 Harvest of Hope Fest, we are excited to be in the New Year focussing our energy on delivering to you the motherload of socially conscious bands who believe our countries migrant farmworkers really do matter.

When the 2010 spring break starts, we hope that you and all your friends choose to be with us in beautiful sunny St. Augustine, Florida. Join us in the spring heat while listening to our shear awesome musical lineup . Official lineup to be announced on January 14th, 2010. Visit the Official Harvest of Hope Fest website for more details.


Wish to Volunteer for the Harvest of Hope Foundation? ::: Harvest of Hope Foundation

The Harvest of Hope Foundation for migrant farmworkers welcomes individuals and groups interested in volunteering.

We first recommend that you visit the foundation web-site at www.harvestofhope.net to become more familiar with the foundation and how Harvest of Hope tries to fill in the gaps in service to our hard-working yet needy mobile field workers. Harvest of Hope is a very unique, grassroots non-profit and we are the only national foundation set up exclusively to provide emergency and educational financial aid to migrant farmworkers and their families. Because the foundation provides “direct financial aid” we are unfortunately largely ineligible for many grants from other non-profits and from corporations. We rely completely on individual and group donations, and this is where you can be of help.

1) We welcome individuals and groups to organize and conduct fund-raisers which can include band concerts, bowl-a-thons, restaurant activities, bake and garage sales, car washes, raffles, auctions, pancake breakfasts, spaghetti dinners, and other creative activities. Harvest of Hope will assist with publicity and will provide buttons, brochures and a foundation banner if available. Many students are required to do service learning and this is a great way to accomplish this.

2) Harvest of Hope can make available 12 ounce packages of delicious Sweetwater Organic/Fair Trade Coffee for sale. Roasted in Gainesville, Florida, the foundation has sold thousands of packages around the country. Packages cost 10.00 each and 5.00 from each package goes to the foundation.

3) The foundation welcomes invitations to speak to church and other civic and community organizations about the unique work of the foundation, migrant farmworker issues and immigration. We also welcome the opportunity to do interviews on radio and television, and for print media.

4) Individuals and groups are invited to collect donations of antiques, collectibles and memorabilia which are sold to raise funds on EBay and at the A Antique Mall in Reddick, Florida. The foundation also accepts donations of cars to sell, and stock and other investments.

5) The second annual Harvest of Hope Fest will be held March 12-14, 2010 at the St Johns Fairgrounds outside St. Augustine, Florida. More than 140 alternative/progressive music bands are expected to play. If you’d like to submit your interstet in being a 2010 HOHFest Volunteer, please email your inquiry to volunteer@harvestofhopefest.com.

One note of caution please. We receive many requests from student journalism and media majors and film-makers wanting to do stories about migrant farmworkers. These requests usually entail wanting to get out in the fields to film and to interview migrant workers. This is extremely difficult as many migrant workers live and work in rural areas, and are reluctant to be filmed or interviewed. Arranging these interviews is logistically difficult and time consuming and thus the Harvest of Hope Foundation must say no quite often to these requests.

If you have any questions about volunteering or need further information, please feel free to contact me at 352-372-1312 or email me at kellerhope@cox.net.

Sincerely, Philip Kellerman,


Harvest of Hope Foundation – News Article Archive

Date Posted: 06/30/2009

Join the Harvest of Hope Foundation as we host a hip-hop fundraising concert on Saturday, July 11th at 1982 Bar, located at 919 W. University Ave., Gainesville, Florida. We are excited to announce that this fundraiser will feature live performances by: DJ Mr. Rogers; Swamp Boy Slim; Godamus Rhyme of Orlando, Blue Chips and DP from Gainesville. A specials thanks goes out to all of the musicians who have graciously donated their time and artistic talents to support this event and the Harvest of Hope Foundation.

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Date Posted: 08/01/2008

The Tourist Development Council of St. Johns County, Florida has awarded a $50,000 grant to the Harvest of Hope Foundation of Gainesville, Florida to support the Harvest of Hope Fest.

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Date Posted: 1/10/2007

Shotgun Scramble Golf Tournament will be held on Saturday, November 18, 2007 to benefit the Harvest of Hope Foundation for migrant farmworkers. The event will be held at Ironwood Golf Course at 2100 NE 39th Avenue in Gainesville.

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Date Posted: 05/15/2007

Mayra Erisuris-Sandoval, child of former migrant farmworkers, disappeared under suspicious circumstances in Sarasota, Florida on January 10, 2006. On behalf of Harvest of Hope Foundation, I am asking you and others to make a tax-deductible donation to Harvest of Hope Foundation, but to earmark the donation to the Mayra Fund.

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Harvest of Hope Foundation – President's Blog

October 20, 2009

University of Florida students are holding a fund-raiser for the Harvest of Hope Foundation at I Love New York Pizza on Wednesday from 7-9 pm.  Proceeds from sales will benefit the foundation’s work in providing emergency and educational financial aid to migrant farmworkers across the country.  I Love New York Pizza is located at 17th street and University Avenue in Gainesville – across from the campus.  Thanks to the students and to I Love New Pizza for their support! 

Undocumented Migrant Students March to Washington, DC for Migrant Farmworkers.

February 02, 2010

On, January 29th at the University of Florida in Gainesville, I met four amazing young people.  Gabby Pacheco, Felipe Matos, Juan Rodriguez and Carlos Roa are walking 1,500 miles from Miami to Washington, DC to draw attention to workers rights and the plight of undocumented people.  Three have them have not able to change their status to legal despite having graduated from high school with excellent grades.  They came here with their parents and like 65,000 other undocumented high school graduates a year, they cannot get aid for college, are charged out of state tuition, denied drivers licenses and can’t get legal jobs without social security numbers.  They are risking detention as they walk to draw attention to their undocumented status and the plight of others in similar situations. As a migrant farmworker advocate for 22 years and currently president of the Harvest of Hope Foundation for migrant farmworkers, I believe that this country’s current immigration policy for those who are undocumented is unfair and unjust.  They are doing the work that many Americans won’t do but they are exploited and denied rights because of their status which they cannot change under current law.  Please support these four brave individuals as they walk the “Trail of Dreams’ by going to www.trail2010.org to read of their stories, to learn more about the Dream Act and to make a donation to support their walk. Phil Kellerman,


Where the money goes in January of 2010!

February 02, 2010

In just three days (January 26-28th) the Harvest of Hope Foundation has provided over $1,000 in financial aid to migrant farmworkers and families.  Two Florida migrant families were assisted with rent and the purchase of propane.  A migrant worker stranded in Colorado received a bus ticket to return to Louisiana.   A $500 scholarship was awarded to a migrant woman in college in Nebraska.   I appreciate your interest in the unique work of the Harvest of Hope Foundation which has distributed more than $790,000 in aid to migrant farmworkers and their families since 1997. Phil Kellerman,


About the President ::: Philip Kellerman ::: Harvest of Hope Foundation, Gainesville, Florida

Hello and thank you for coming to the Harvest of Hope Foundation web-site. It has been revised beautifully by Tom Romero, graphic artist, of Gainesville, Florida. Photos are by Celia Roberts of Paonia, Colorado.

Many people have asked me why I set up such a unique foundation to help migrant farmworkers and their families.

I have had the privilege for many years of responding to calls from migrant farm workers around the country to the National Migrant Education Hotline, operated by the ESCORT Migrant Education Program at the State University of New York in Oneonta, New York. Many of the calls were for emergency financial aid for just the things that challenge migrant farmworkers and their families – as examples, gas to travel from Texas to northern states for field work, tires, first month’s rent and deposit upon arrival to a new state, car repairs due to breakdowns while traveling, medical services, food, and funeral expenses. However, the federal funding for the National Hotline did not have a provision to provide emergency financial aid. I also discovered that when I contacted other agencies and service organizations that assistance was limited and often not available at.

In 1995, I received an inheritance from my departed grandmother, Dr. Helen Zand, who was a social worker for the poor for many years. I used part of her inheritance to me to establish the Harvest of Hope Foundation in her memory and honor. Since the foundation’s establishment in 1997, thousands of migrant farm workers and families calling the National Hotline and Harvest of Hope have been assisted. The foundation now has several scholarship funds providing educational aid to children of migrant farmworkers attending college or other post-secondary education.

Two other issues I would like to address. One, since the foundation receives more requests for aid than funds allow, we have strict procedures for the distribution of funds. Those requesting aid must show that they are willing to help themselves. We provide a hand, not hand-outs. I work closely with teachers, social workers, and advocates of migrant workers to coordinate services and the distribution of money. Payments are mostly made, not to the clients, but to landlords, mechanics, funeral homes or other service providers.

Second, eighty (80) cents of every dollar donated goes to providing direct financial aid. Ten (10) to 12 percent of money collected goes for administrative expenses and a small 8 percent is paid to me for my work managing the foundation. These percentages bode well for Harvest of Hope as compared to other non-profit foundations.

Ironically, the uniqueness of Harvest of Hope Foundation in providing direct financial aid has hurt the foundation in securing other foundation and corporation grants as many of them have expressed policies against funding “direct service” providers. That is why individual donations are so important to Harvest of Hope as well as other donations such as antiques, collectibles, memorabilia, cars, stock and other investments. We always welcome activities and events such as music concerts to raise funds. For more information about the foundation please contact me at 1.888.922.4673 or 352.372.1312. Email: kellerhope@cox.net.

I derive tremendous satisfaction by running Harvest of Hope and having the opportunity to help those who bring to us our bounty of food. I like to remind people the truism that “Migrant farmworkers earn our support.”

Philip Kellerman, President

MIGRANT FARMWORKERS EARN OUR SUPPORT!::: 2010 Harvest of Hope Fest Band Registration Fundraiser

To purchase the music and download it, please complete the following form.

In partnership with the Harvest of Hope Foundations, we are proud to feature these talented film makers and musicians for their continued support of Migrant Farmworkers and the Harvest of Hope Foundation. Thank you!

MUSIC CD: With These Hands by The Mike Bernos Band is available in a downloadable version of the full legnth CD. Downloadable audio files are available in the following ACC, AIFF, MP3 & WAV audio formats.

Price: $10.00

MUSIC CD: Double CD by FailSafe Records featuries 40 Bands, over 2 Hours of live adio recorded from the 2009 Harvest of Hope Fest & Studio Sessions specifically recorded and produced for this cd.

Price: $6.00


Price: $12.00


Price: $10.00

The MIke Bernos Band – With These Hands – CD Album ::: Harvest of Hope Foundation

The Harvest of Hope Foundaiton would like to invite you to a very special musical charity fundraising concert in support of the Harvest of Hope Foundation and our countries Migrant Farmworkers.

The Mike Bernos Band from Jacksonville will play and introduce their new CD “With These Hands” at the Church of the Good Shepherd’s Craig Hall,  1100 Stockton Street, Feburary 18th, 2010 from 6:30 –
8:30 pm.

Suggested donation: $10


Phil Kellerman, Foundaiton President, met Mike last year at the Harvest of Hope Fest in Saint Augustine.  Mike has worked with migrant farmworkers in the past and has a huge heart for our country’s field workers.   After the Fest, I heard him play and told him that on behalf of the foundation I wanted to support the production of “With These Hands.”   He is returning the favor by playing for the foundation.  He is going to bring a fantastic group of musicians and the music will be a mix of soft rock and acoustic tinged with some New Orleans blues.  Two of the songs including the title song “With These Hands” are about migrant farmworkers.

The evening will begin with a social hour starting at 6:30 with refreshments available.  The Mike Bernos Band will play at 7:15.  The CD will be made available for purchase and 6.00 from the sale of each 10.00 CD will go to the Harvest of Hope Foundation.

Since 1997, the Harvest of Hope Foundation has distributed more than $787,000 in emergency and educational financial aid to migrant farmworkers and families across the country.

From all of us at the Harvest of Hope Foundation, we hope to see you at this special event to support the mirgrant and seasonal farmworks our nation’s fields.

On the CD, With These Hands, Bernos assembled a talented group of Jacksonville musicians that included Kenny (keyboards) and Teri (vocalist) Levine, Linda Minke, violinist Rebecca Zapen, and trumpeter, Chris Norton.

At the With These Hands, CD release party, scheduled for November 19 at the Thomas Cultural Center in Gainesville, Bernos has gathered some of Jacksonville’s most noted musicians to accompany him for his nine-song performance consisting of all original music that features reggae and acoustic rock. In addition to Kenny and Teri Levine of KTG Entertainment, he will have percussionist Sam Rodriguez of the Latin trio bearing his name, noted guitarist Mark Denison, bassist Lawrence Buckner, who plays with Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad fame, and cellist Nathanael Edwards.

“I went for a long time without writing,” Bernos said, “But that doesn’t mean nothing is happening within, because the soul forgets nothing. Unless you”re dead, you going to have a story to tell eventually.”

Bernos said that the songs featured on With These hands, emerged from a life transition that he explored using the elegiac tones of a cello to accompany his tenor.

For more about The Mike Bernos Band, visit them online at www.themikebernosband.com.

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