Emergency Migrant Services & Financial Aid – Emergency Migrant Family Assistance – Harvest of Hope Foundation – Gainesville, Florida

Eighty (80) cents of every dollar donated goes to provide direct emergency and educational financial aid to migrant farmworkers and families. Ten-twelve (10-12) percent is used for administrative expenses and a small 8 percent compensates the foundation president for his work managing Harvest of Hope Foundation. These percentages are good as compared to other non-profit organizations.

Harvest of Hope employs strict procedures for the distribution of funds which are outlined under the section “About the President.” We feel it is important to let visitors to our web-site know exactly how donations are used and what assistance is provided. Listed below is a sample of recent emergency, educational and grant monies distributed. This list will be updated frequently.

07/29/2008 $400 in gas and food to enable a single migrant mother with two ill children to travel from Hemingway, South Carolina to Phoenix, Arizona for work.
07/29/2008 $202.46 to pay a utility bill for a migrant mother with two children in Pharr, Texas who is paying all the bills after the husband abandoned the family.
07/31/2008 $250 towards the purchase of a refrigerator for a disabled migrant mother with a young child in Belmore, Ohio.
07/31/2008 $100 towards gas money to enable a migrant family to travel from Holly, Colorado to Texas to visit an ill child who needs surgery.
08/08/2008 $254.31 to pay a utility bill for a migrant family in Bakersfield, California in which the husband is on disability and the wife works in the grape fields part-time.
08/14/2008 $300 to purchase tarps for seven migrant families in a migrant camp in Yemassee, South Carolina to prevent roof leaking.
08/14/2008 $80 towards dental work for a migrant farmworker in Fort Plain, New York.
08/14/2008 $451.05 to pay utility bills for two migrant families in Chula, Georgia, struggling since field work ended and currently seeking other field work.
08/15/2008 $175 for car repairs for a Texas migrant family broken down in Rantoul, Illinois on their way to Indiana for work.
08/15/2008 $300 for school clothes, supplies and food for a migrant family in Ottawa, Ohio in which two of the children have disabilities.
08/15/2008 $100 for gas and food to enable a migrant family in Athens, Alabama to travel to Wautoma, Florida to continue field work.
08/15/2008 $85 for a bus ticket and food to enable a homeless migrant farmworker in Bakersfield, California to travel to San Francisco to seek shelter with a cousin.
05/16/2008 $250 for gas money to enable a migrant family in Mercedes, Texas with one child and caring for 5 grandchildren to travel to the Panhandle to Texas for field work.
07/08/2008 $385 from the North Florida Migrant Fund of the foundation for airline tickets for a migrant student to attend the College Assistance Migrant Program in San Antonio, Texas.
07/16/2008 $5,000 from the Maximilian Kobe Fund of the foundation for college expenses for a migrant student studying in Rhode Island.
07/17/2008 $500 in scholarship aid from the Frank Campano Memorial Scholarship Fund of the foundation to a migrant student from Palmetto, Florida to attend Manatee Community College.
07/28/2008 $500 in scholarship aid from the Elizabeth Alfred Memorial Scholarship Fund of the foundation for a migrant student to attend Southeast Community College in Lincoln, Nebraska.
02/12/2008 $1,500 grant to Dental Health Solutions for Children of the Salem-Keizer, Oregon School District to help support a dental van for five days to treat 50 children of migrant farmworkers.
04/28/2008 $400 grant to the Western Region Migrant Education Program in Northampton, Massachusetts, to provide emergency aid to area migrant farmworkers and families.