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Everyday Americans from across the country consume tons of fresh produce for energy and nutrition. Please stop to consider the individuals who are responsible for harvesting the food we all need to sustain our daily way of life.

Migrant farm workers often go unnoticed yet contribute directly to each of our lives though the means of planting and harvesting many nutritious foods that include Tomatoes, Chocolate (Coca Plants), Soybeans, Blueberries, Watermelons, Peaches, Sugar Beets, Oranges, Sugar (Cane Sugar), Coffee, Strawberries, Tea and much more.

Migrant farm workers and their families constantly relocate to follow the planting or harvest of the next seasonal crop. Most of these families are second and third generation migrant families. These families are usually very poor. The farm workers and their families are one of the most disadvantaged and at-risk populations in the United States. They are not seen, not heard, and often not helped.

Children of migrant farm workers are an extremely vulnerable population. These children face a transient lifestyle that interferes with a stable, continuous education and community. Many migrant farm workers are American citizens, either born in America or have obtained legal residency. Some come from countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, China, and unfortunately, there is no current path for them to become legal residents or citizens.