Harvest of Hope Foundation – Board of Directors

Philip Kellerman, President 5809 NW 67th Court Gainesville, Florida 32653 Tel: 352-372-1312 Tel: 888-922-4673 

E-mail: kellerhope@cox.net

Thanks to an inheritance from his grandmother, Dr. Helen Zand, Philip Kellerman established the Harvest of Hope Foundation in 1997 as a result of responding to calls from migrant farm workers and families via the National Migrant Education Hotline. The Foundation was developed to provide financial help, often unavailable at the federal, state and local level, to migrant farm workers and families around the country.

Mr. Kellerman has been in migrant education since 1989 with the ESCORT Migrant Education Program, based at the New York State University College at Oneonta. He also was a special education teacher in Miami, Florida for six years. He has a B.A. in Special Education/Elementary Education and an M.A. in Special Education.

In September, 2003, Mr. Kellerman and the Harvest of Hope Foundation received an award from the Title I Migrant Education Program of the Florida Department of Education in “honor of outstanding contributions to the education of Florida’s migrant children.”

Dina Sevayega, Treasurer 21 Feiden Latham, NY 121105001 Tel: (518) 783-0641


Dina Sevayega was born the child of Hispanic migrant farm workers in Texas, and thus has lived the migrant experience in full. She overcame many moves and disruptions to her education as a youth to obtain her doctorate. She is currently an Associate in Higher Education/Teacher Education in the New York State Education Department. For four years, Ms. Sevayega has been involved in a service learning project at the State University College in Oneonta, New York, where she shares her migrant experiences with students preparing to be teachers and who organize activities to raise funds for the Harvest of Hope Foundation.

Michelle Rosinek, Secretary 3622 Monticello Commons Norcross, Georgia 30092 Tel: 770-447-6011


Michelle Rosinek recently went into semi-retirement and is now working half-time as a teacher of English as a Second Language in Atlanta, Georgia. Prior to her teaching assignment in 1997, she was employed for 13 years at the Georgia Department of Education as an Education Program Specialist for the Migrant Education Program.

Ms. Rosinek graduated the University of Miami with a Bachelor in Education, majoring in special education. Her post graduate work was completed at Georgia State University, where she received her Masters in Special Education and Related Vocational Instruction. Ms. Rosinek has served on many regional, state and national committees for the improvement of education and services for migrant children. She has received a number of awards for community service in the Atlanta area.

Christian De Los Santos 2400 Yorktown, Apt. 80 Houston, Texas 77027 Tel: 713-626-1544


Mr. De Los Santos currently serves as Elementary and Middle School District Coordinator of Migrant Programs for the Houston Independent School District. This encompasses 295 schools and 12 sub-districts within the school district. Mr. De Los Santos is instrumental in operating the Summer School Migrant Program for migrant students not served by an alternative summer program. During the year he leads a team of staff who work with three and four year olds at home. Mr. De Los Santos has conducted professional staff development to teachers who with migrant students and has been a Bilingual/ESL Instructional Supervisor.