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In honor and memory of his grandmother, Dr. Helen Zand, who was a social worker for the poor, Phil Kellerman established the Harvest of Hope Foundation in 1997 to raise private funds to exclusively assist migrant farm workers and their families around the country. Since its initiation, the Harvest of Hope Foundation has distributed
over $1 million dollars for:

  • Emergency aid for vehicle repairs, transportation, housing, utilities, rent, medical services and prescriptions, clothing, food, funerals, and legal costs
  • Educational assistance to migrant students attending college and post-secondary institutions, including help with tuition, board and books
  • Grants to health and other support service agencies and organizations serving migrant farm workers

Federal, state and local aid to migrant farm workers is limited and often not available at all. Many Americans know so little of the agricultural, economic and cultural contributions of migrant farm workers who harvest a large share of our nation’s fruits, vegetables and other foods. The goals of Harvest of Hope are to open the eyes of individuals to the hard work and struggles of our nation’s migrant laborers while filling in some of the gaps in service to this population via emergency and educational aid. Please review the attached list of recent aid provided by the Foundation and a list of funds housed under the foundation.

The Harvest of Hope Foundation is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization and its federal identification number is 16-1523238.

For more information about our organization, please contact us at 352-372-1312, or by email at info@harvestofhope.net.

The Harvest of Hope Foundation is a public, non-profit agency governed by a Board of Directors who subscribe to the mission and values of the Harvest of Hope Foundation. [read more]