Volunteers Needed | Harvest of Hope Foundation | Student Service Learning Hours Available

The Harvest of Hope Foundation for migrant farm workers welcomes individuals and groups interested in volunteering.

Download and complete our Volunteer application. Email application to info@harvestofhope.net

The Harvest of Hope is a very unique, grass roots nonprofit and we are the only national foundation set up exclusively to provide emergency and educational financial aid to migrant farm workers and their families. Because the foundation provides “direct financial aid” we are unfortunately largely ineligible for many grants from other nonprofits and from corporations. We rely completely on individual and group donations, and this is where you can be of help.

1) We welcome individuals and groups to organize and conduct fund-raisers which can include band concerts, bowl-a-thons, restaurant activities, bake and garage sales, car washes, raffles, auctions, pancake breakfasts, spaghetti dinners, and other creative activities. Harvest of Hope will assist with publicity and will provide buttons, brochures and a foundation banner if available. Many students are required to do service learning and this is a great way to accomplish this.

2) Harvest of Hope can make available 12 ounce packages of delicious Sweetwater Organic/Fair Trade Coffee for sale. Roasted in Gainesville, Florida, the foundation has sold thousands of packages around the country. Packages cost 12.00 each and 6.00 from each package goes to the foundation.

3) The foundation welcomes invitations to speak to church and other civic and community organizations about the unique work of the foundation, migrant farm worker issues and immigration. We also welcome the opportunity to do interviews on radio and television, and for print media.

4) Individuals and groups are invited to collect donations of antiques, collectibles and memorabilia which are sold to raise funds on Ebay and at the A Antique Mall in Reddick, Florida. The foundation also accepts donations of cars to sell, and stock and other investments.

One note of caution please. We receive many requests from student journalism and media majors and film-makers wanting to do stories about migrant farm workers. These requests usually entail wanting to get out in the fields to film and to interview migrant workers. This is extremely difficult as many migrant workers live and work in rural areas, and are reluctant to be filmed or interviewed. Arranging these interviews is logistically difficult and time consuming and thus the Harvest of Hope Foundation must say no quite often to these requests.

If you have any questions about volunteering or need further information, please feel free to contact us at 352-372-1312 or by email at info@harvestofhope.net.