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The Harvest of Hope Foundation in partnership with the University of Florida, offers various student service learning projects for student credits.

If you are interested in using the Harvest of Hope Foundation for your student service learning project, please take a moment to download, complete and email our application to info@harvestofhope.net.

Packet Includes: Student Service Learning Application; Fund Raiser Guidelines & How to’s; Harvest of Hope Foundation Talking Points; 2011 Media Kit; and link to download our Logo.


All fund raiser must be vetted and approved by the HoH officers before any agreements or contracts can be entered into. No group or individual may represent the HoH Foundation or conduct an event without prior approval.

A fundraising group must be registered with the HoH and include the names, addresses, and emails of all participants. All groups must fill out the required applications with date, time, location, and protocol for the event.

  • In general, events at established restaurants, cafes, and theatres are easier to coordinate but involve working with administrators and support staff. We encourage collaborations but require that groups submit a list of principals from the location.

For your convenience, you may download our suggested list of fundraising opportunities and list of local supporting businesses to contact for fundraising.

Student Application & Fund Raiser Guidelines Only: DONWLOAD

Suggested Fund Raiser & Business Partners Only: DONWLOAD

All participants must read and initial the Harvest of Hope Foundation Media Kit. The Media Kit contains the guidelines for the use of our Business Name, Logo and Official Promotional Tag Line that are to be used on ALL official statements permitted for public comments and all radio, print, TV, letters to the editor, or other media interviews must be directed to Harvest of Hope Foundation officers.

  • All internal communications, memoranda, and financial information are proprietary and may not be discussed publicly. Individual cases for assistance and scholarship must be held in strict confidence
  • All participants must agree not to discuss proprietary information about the HoH Foundation’s finances, fundraising, business operations, personnel, or administrative matters. Group leaders must sign this form indicating acceptance on behalf of their group.

Harvest of Hope Foundation Media Kit & Logo: DONWLOAD

For fund raiser involving portions of proceeds raised at the event, the HoH Foundation will not approve of less than a 20% portion unless significant costs are offset by the host. No costs will be born by the Foundation without prior written approval.

Events involving alcohol must conform to state and local regulations. Three day temporary permits are available for places that do not serve alcohol. For places that do serve alcohol, special sales permits are available. However, groups are reminded that these permits need at least three weeks to process. In all instances, participants and patrons under 21 will be briefed and monitored by the host group and held responsible for all violations.

Host groups will recruit sufficient personnel to conduct the fund raiser, serve patrons, set up and clean, and maintain security and order. All members should allow enough time for set up and cleaning. Some personnel must be assigned to distribute Foundation literature.