Migrant Farm Worker Emergency Services, Support & Financial Aid – Emergency Migrant Farm Worker Family Assistance – Harvest of Hope Foundation – Gainesville, Florida

HARVEST OF HOPE FEST March 6th, 7th, & 8th 2009 ALL AGES EVENT!
Location: St. John’s County Fairgrounds, St. Augustine, Florida


A 3-day outdoor event featuring music, art, film and other events to support migrant farmworkers! Hear over 100 bands (from acoustic to hard rock) play their hearts out to support the Harvest of Hope Foundation for migrant farmworkers. Camping and camping facilities will be available all weekend! There will be a multitude of food and beverage vendors, as well as large vending areas available to non-profits, local businesses and progressive organizations! The festival will be a diverse event focusing being open and enjoyable to people of all ages as well as being environmentally friendly! Since 1997, the Harvest of Hope Foundation, a family run non-profit organization out of Gainesville, Florida has distributed more than $675,000 in emergency and educational aid to field laborers of fruits, vegetables and other foods.

Join No Idea Records and Southern Lovin’ Publicity of Gainesville, Florida, and the St. John’s Fairgrounds in supporting the unique, progressive and special work of the Harvest of Hope Foundation.

Details will be coming soon for ticket info, performers, vending details, camping, etc. Check www.harvestofhopefest.com shortly for all info!!!