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The Harvest of Hope Foundation for migrant farm workers welcomes requests from media for interviews, organizational information, and presspass to fund raiser events.

The Harvest of Hope is a very unique, grass roots nonprofit and we are the only national foundation set up exclusively to provide emergency and educational financial aid to migrant farm workers and their families. Because the foundation provides “direct financial aid” we are unfortunately largely ineligible for many grants from other nonprofit and from corporations. We rely completely on individual and group donations, and this is where you can be of help.

Print Media:

We welcome the opportunity to do interviews for print media.

Television & Radio Broadcasts:

We welcome the opportunity to do interviews for radio and television media.

IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ. We receive many requests from student journalism and media majors and film-makers wanting to do stories about migrant farm workers. These requests usually entail wanting to get out in the fields to film and to interview migrant workers. This is extremely difficult as many migrant workers live and work in rural areas, and are reluctant to be filmed or interviewed. Arranging these interviews is logistically difficult and time consuming and thus the Harvest of Hope Foundation must say no quite often to these requests.

If you have any questions regarding scheduling a interview or need further information about the Harvest of Hope Foundation, please feel free to contact us at 352-372-1312 or by email at

Harvest of Hope Foundation Identity

The Harvest of Hope logo is a unique image used to portray our organizational identity. Our Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 group operated by President Phillip Kellerman and a Board of Directors with over 80 years in migrant education and human services.

The our Harvest of Hope logo identity is valuable marketing tool that assists in communicating the mission and philosophy of the foundation. We ask that you please download our media kit and follow the specific guidelines when using our organizational name and brand identity.

Download Media Kit