Harvest of Hope Foundation – President's Blog

October 20, 2009

University of Florida students are holding a fund-raiser for the Harvest of Hope Foundation at I Love New York Pizza on Wednesday from 7-9 pm.  Proceeds from sales will benefit the foundation’s work in providing emergency and educational financial aid to migrant farmworkers across the country.  I Love New York Pizza is located at 17th street and University Avenue in Gainesville – across from the campus.  Thanks to the students and to I Love New Pizza for their support! 

Undocumented Migrant Students March to Washington, DC for Migrant Farmworkers.

February 02, 2010

On, January 29th at the University of Florida in Gainesville, I met four amazing young people.  Gabby Pacheco, Felipe Matos, Juan Rodriguez and Carlos Roa are walking 1,500 miles from Miami to Washington, DC to draw attention to workers rights and the plight of undocumented people.  Three have them have not able to change their status to legal despite having graduated from high school with excellent grades.  They came here with their parents and like 65,000 other undocumented high school graduates a year, they cannot get aid for college, are charged out of state tuition, denied drivers licenses and can’t get legal jobs without social security numbers.  They are risking detention as they walk to draw attention to their undocumented status and the plight of others in similar situations. As a migrant farmworker advocate for 22 years and currently president of the Harvest of Hope Foundation for migrant farmworkers, I believe that this country’s current immigration policy for those who are undocumented is unfair and unjust.  They are doing the work that many Americans won’t do but they are exploited and denied rights because of their status which they cannot change under current law.  Please support these four brave individuals as they walk the “Trail of Dreams’ by going to www.trail2010.org to read of their stories, to learn more about the Dream Act and to make a donation to support their walk. Phil Kellerman,


Where the money goes in January of 2010!

February 02, 2010

In just three days (January 26-28th) the Harvest of Hope Foundation has provided over $1,000 in financial aid to migrant farmworkers and families.  Two Florida migrant families were assisted with rent and the purchase of propane.  A migrant worker stranded in Colorado received a bus ticket to return to Louisiana.   A $500 scholarship was awarded to a migrant woman in college in Nebraska.   I appreciate your interest in the unique work of the Harvest of Hope Foundation which has distributed more than $790,000 in aid to migrant farmworkers and their families since 1997. Phil Kellerman,