Harvest of Hope Foundation

Do you know of migrant students and other students interested in college and post-secondary education but need financial and scholarship help?The problem most students face is properly organizing the necessary materials to apply for these scholarships.

Florida migrant advocate, June McBride, has helped migrant students in Orange County, Florida, to garner more than $800,000 in scholarships. Based on her experiences, June has produced the Path to Scholarships workbook which contains a simple organizational portfolio method, reproducible worksheets and directional guides.

The new 2003 Third Edition has 64 pages, with additional worksheets, and a CD with active web links.

For information or to order workbooks, go to www.needcollegemoney.com or contact June at: mcbridejune@msn.com. It is a wonderful resource!

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each workbook will go to the Harvest of Hope Foundation to provide post-secondary aid to migrant students. June is a board member of the Harvest of Hope Foundation.