Harvest of Hope Foundation

Did you ever bite into a sweet crunchy apple? Grill onions and peppers with your favorite beef, chicken, or fish? Enjoy a salad of fresh lettuce with tomatoes, nuts, and fruits?

If so, chances are these and other fruits, vegetables, and foods were harvested and prepared by migrant farmworkers.

  • Migrant farmworkers are hardworking individuals and families who travel long distances from home to work in seasonal or temporary employment.
  • Agricultural is one of the most dangerous industries in the US. Migrant farmworkers suffer high rates of injuries and are frequently exposed to dangerous pesticides and health hazards. Few have health insurance.
  • Almost half the nation’s migrant farmworkers have less than a ninth grade education.
  • Poor sanitation and lack of electricity and plumbing are common housing conditions for migrant families. Many live in their cars or in the fields in tents.
  • The average annual migrant family income is between $7000 – $12000, substantially lower than the national poverty threshold.
  • The life expectancy of the migrant farmworker is substantially less than the nation’s average of 75 years