Financial Fund Accounts managed by the Harvest of Hope Foundation ::: Donations are Welcome!

The Harvest of Hope Foundation manages 43 financial funds established by private individuals, migrant advocates, and/or civic groups to provide aid to specific migrant-related causes, groups of migrants, or migrant agricultural workers in specific geographic locations. You are welcome to target your donation to any fund of choice or to our general emerency migrant farm worker fund.

If you are interested in establishing a fund in honor or memory of an important individual, please contact Philip Kellerman, President at 352-372-1312 or by email at


  • Support Migrant Farmworkers-General Emergency Fund
  • Alachua County Migrant Project Fund
  • Arkansas Migrant Scholarship Fund
  • Bainbridge Georgia Migrant Scholarship Fund
  • California Migrant Farmworker Fund
  • Collier Co FL Migrant Senior High Scholarship Fund
  • Colorado Memorial Fund for FL. Migrant Students
  • Colorado Migrant Emergency Fund
  • Cortez Fund for GA. Migrant Students
  • Earl Wiggins Food for Farmworker Families Fund
  • Elizabeth Alfred Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • FL. Growers Fund for Exemplary Migrant Students
  • Florida Early Breast Cancer Detection Fund
  • Frank Campano Memorial Fund
  • Ganas Fund
  • Green Pastures Fund
  • Hope, Arkansas Migrant Stopover Emergency Fund
  • Jose Amateco Scholarship Fund
  • Jose Rodriguez Migrant Fund
  • Kentucky Migrant Emergency Fund
  • Leah Levy Memorial Fund
  • Lidia Mondragon Scholarship Fund
  • Maine Migrant Farmworker Emergency Fund
  • Manuel Recio Scholarship Fund
  • Minnesota Migrant Emergency Fund
  • Missouri Migrant Emergency Fund
  • Moreno Michigan Migrant Emergency Fund
  • New York Migrant Emergency and Educational Fund
  • North Carolina Migrant Emergency Fund
  • North Florida Migrant Emergency Fund
  • Oregon Migrant Fund
  • Pasco County Migrant Emergency Fund
  • Path to Scholarships
  • Pennsylvania Migrant Farmworker Fund
  • Polk County Migrant Emergency Fund
  • Regresando a La Casa (Returning Home) Fund
  • Rosio Perez Scholarship Fund
  • South Carolina Migrant Emergency Fund
  • South New Jersey Migrant Emergency Fund
  • St Edwards College Assistance Migrant Program Fund
  • SUNY Oneonta College Assist. Migrant Program Fund
  • Texas Migrant Emergency Fund
  • Willie Harvey Honorary Migrant Emergency Fund

Are you interested in making a financial donation to one of the above funds? To contribute, you may donate here.

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