Migration and Translation – An Overview

Florida has a well established and extensive cultural tradition which is both the reason for migration to the state and the reason for translation. Florida is also home to large numbers of immigrants and their families. Therefore, it has become necessary for businesses, non-profit organizations, colleges and universities to deal with the cultural diversity in its workforce by hiring competent Florida language translation and migration services.
The majority of Florida Immigrants come from Latin America, Asia, Africa and other countries. A high percentage of these immigrants come from Mexico, home to almost half of Florida’s population. To cater to the needs of these Latin American and Asian immigrants, translation and migration companies have been set up in the state to undertake projects for a better understanding of Florida culture and linguistic habits among the new arrivals. These companies undertake translation and interpretation projects related to education, healthcare, business and legal matters.
Education and healthcare are critical issues for Florida’s economy as most immigrants do not have much knowledge about jobs in Florida and the job market in Florida. Therefore, they migrate for a better job market. As part of their efforts to educate Florida’s large number of new migrants, the Florida State University has launched the Doctor of Immigration Studies (DIIS) program to increase the awareness of workers about migration and integration in Florida. The doctorate program teaches students the art of migration and adaptation in Florida and other foreign lands. Students have to research various subjects such as migration and integration theory, current legislation affecting immigrants, history of migration and adaptation in Florida, and many other related areas for this program. During the course, students will be taught different methods of communication used in various host cultures and learn the cultural nuances.
Migration and translation are also necessary to understand local business reality in Florida. Florida State University has recently launched the Online Migration Research Training Program to help migrate and develop English speaking professionals in areas off to grow and establish new businesses in the USA. The Online Migrations Research Training program trains non-native English speakers in core business principles to migrate and adapt to the US. Those who completed the program can find lucrative job opportunities in Florida. In addition, immigrants who have completed the program will understand and use the local language and customs, interact with local communities, and adapt to US society.
The University of Hong Kong offers courses on Chinese Immigration, Chinese Settlement-General and Chinese Settlement-Special. The Chinese Immigration course helps students acquire practical experience by working in a large Chinese community in the United States. They will also get an introduction to working in a professional environment and gain knowledge about language skills, negotiation skills, system administration, and managing a company from a Chinese perspective. Those who completed the Chinese Settlement-General will work in various fields as lawyers, accountants, government employees, entrepreneurs, and healthcare professionals. On the other hand, those who completed the Chinese Settlement-Special will work as consultants, translators, healthcare professionals, and education counsellors. These specialists will gain valuable knowledge and skills in dealing with both US and Chinese cultures.
Australia offers several migration programs for immigrants. The Skilled Immigration Program is designed to provide skilled workers with permanent residence in Australia. The Skilled Immigration Program also makes available the skills needed to sponsor spouses for a green card and visa applications. The Australian Federal Migration Offshore Scholarship Program provides study loans and financial assistance for higher education and specified employment in Australia. Those who successfully obtained Australian migration programs are eligible to apply for Australian immigration status.

Harvest of Hope Foundation – Gainesville, Florida

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all those who have donated to Harvest of Hope Foundation. So many needy and hardworking migrant farmworkers and families were assisted when other resources were limited or not available at all.


Philip Kellerman,
Harvest of Hope Foundation

Call the National Migrant Education Hotline 1-800-234-8848. Hotline available 24 hours a day,

7 days a week.

Migrant Farm workers Earn Your Support ::: Harvest of Hope Foundation – Gainesville, Florida ::: Finacial Donations are Welcomed!

The Mission of the Harvest of Hope Foundation is to provide emergency financial assistance and help coordinate critical social services that are not readily available to migrant farm workers at the Federal, State and County levels. We also supply educational financial assistance & scholarships to hardworking migrant students who have excelled in scholastic achievements as well as issue grants to migrant service oriented agencies. We strive to educate today’s society through social awareness about the life struggles and difficult plight of migrant agricultural and seasonal farm workers.

Click here to Volunteer

Call the National Migrant Education Hotline 1-800-234-8848. Hotline available 24 hours a day,

7 days a week.

Migrant Farm workers Earn Your Support ::: Harvest of Hope Foundation – Gainesville, Florida ::: Finacial Donations are Welcomed!

The Harvest of Hope Foundation and the A Antique Mall south of Gainesville, Florida have joined together to raise funds to help migrant farm workers. If you have antiques, collectibles or other memorabilia to donate, The A Antique Mall (Marion County’s largest) will be glad to consider accepting your items and selling them. Proceeds will go to benefit the Harvest of Hope Foundation.

Prior to donating, please contact either me or Warren or Pat at the A Antique Mall at 352-591-0588. If you call Warren or Pat please identify that you are calling for the Harvest of Hope Foundation. Warren and Pat have many years of experience in the antique business and will be glad to discuss and review your items.

The A Antique Mall is located at 17990 NW 77th Avenue in Reddick, Florida 32686. It is situated right off exit 368 on Interstate 75, 15 miles south of Gainesville and 15 miles north of Ocala. It is open Monday-Saturday from 10-6 pm and Sunday from 12-5.

For more information about donating estate items and antiques, contact Phil Kellerman at 352-372-1312 , or by email at: info@harvestofhope.net.

Community Partners | Business Partners | Sponsored Partners | Thank you to all our Partners

The Harvest of Hope Foundation is proud to recognize the following business partners for their continued support of our mission and day-to-day humaniterian services we provide to migrant farm workers and their families throughout the United States. These valued partners have contributed financially to Harvest of Hope Foundation; assisted us in publicizing our charity benefits; or co-sponsored a event by donating product and/or services.

Sweetwater Organic Coffee Comapny

Sweetwater Organic Coffee Company is a coffee roastery in Gainesville, Florida that provides organic, fair trade coffee. Sweetwater Organic Coffee is also shade grown and Rainforest Alliance Certified.

Lloyd Clarke Sports

Gainesville, Florida’s local Sporting Goods store specializing in providing our customers with the perfect shoe for their foot.

The Trophy Shop

Muscle testing involves finding a muscle that is unbalanced and then attempting to determine why that muscle is not functioning properly. Treatments may involve specific joint manipulation, or various myofascial therapies among other techniques. The object is to isolate and test the function of a single muscle in the best possible manner..

Aesthetic Print & Design

At Aesthetic Print and Design, they make their customers happy using a pretty simple formula: Provide the highest quality hand-printed apparel and paper cheaper and more quickly than anybody else, along with friendly customer service and superior graphic design capabilities.

Boca Fiesta, Palomino Pool Hall & The Back Yard Bar – Together at last!

Boca Fiesta or -mouth party- is a fun place to hang out with friends. It’s also a new kind of restaurant that prepares gourmet burritos and tacos and features a full bar.

The Atlantic Nightspot

A fine night club establishment, the Atlantic Nightspot, offfers hot indie hits, raucous punk classics, and trashy pop schlock in the heart of downtown Gainesville, FL.

OBT Textbooks

For 9 years, OBT has been Gainesville’s largest independent textbook chain. We pride ourselves on giving the students of UF, Santa Fe and City College more books for their bucks.

Cody Yelton

Cody offers Deep tissue techniques, Swedish massage, Muscle testing, Trigger Point Therapy, Geriatric massage, & Craniosacral therapy.

Student Maid Cleaning Services

Student Maid is a commercial and residential cleaning service that prides itself in catering to the unique needs of Gainesville residents.

Okinawa Slim

Okinawa Slim provides entertainment by incorporating the game of billiards.

The Florida Antique Peddler

The Florida Antique Peddler is the most reliable and current Florida store directory on the web for antiques.

Parisleaf Printing & Design

Located in Gainesville, FL, Parisleaf Print & Design, specializes in commercial printing, graphic design,logos, branding and packaging, as well as custom web site design. Parisleaf aims to help its customers by offering both creative and strategic services to help maximize a company’s visual footprint.

Belio Antonio

Today, Belio Antonio is a professor at the University of Florida. As a scholar, he wishes to better understand the cultural elements, narratives, and life stories that have made salsa such a rich and internationally recognized genre. As a salsero, Belio Antonio’s desire is to make a consistent and coherent contribution to the genre. The road to becoming the salsero Belio Antonio is today was built upon his experiences as a Puerto Rican, New Yorker, Dominican, scholar, community leader, singer-songwriter, and producer.

WUFT – VIERNES SOCIAL RADIO SHOW – University of Florida (UF)

UF Communications professor and Latin music recording artist, Belio Antonio is joined by Gilberto de Paz and some of UF’s best and brightest student voices for “Viernes Social,” Friday nights at 8.


Grooveshark is an international online music search engine, music streaming service and music recommendation web software application, allowing users to search for, stream, and upload music that can be played immediately or added to a playlist. An optional paid subscription provides additional functionality and removes advertisements from the user interface.

Billy Bragg

Singer songwriter Billy Bragg – news, tour dates, shop, articles, gallery, lyrics, songs, new releases, mp3 downloads, forums.

Against Me!

Against Me! is an American punk rock band formed in 1997 in Naples, Florida and relocated to Gainesville, Florida in 1999.

No Idea Records

No Idea Records is an independent label and distribution company from Gainesville FL. No Idea started as a fanzine in 1985, and released their first 7″ in 1988 with No Idea Fanzine .6. No Idea is still hell-bent on putting out quality independent music by true independent bands.

Paper  + Plastick Records

Paper + Plastick is an indie record label, founded by Vinnie Fiorello, best known as the drummer for ska punk band Less Than Jake, but also co-founder of the label Fueled By Ramen.


D.P. aka Daniel Perez, is a independent hip-hop artist/producer from Gainesville, Florida. As a trained pianist and guitarist, D.P. plays, writes, records, produces and mixes all of his own music without samples.

Spanish Gamble

Spanish Gamble was not always known by that moniker. Formed as Dirty Money in 2007, the band went out and made a name for themselves by playing gritty punk songs in warehouses and basements from their hometown in Gainesville, FL to the rest of the US.

Rural Womens Health Project

As a non-profit, the RWHP serves rural communities with a focus on the Hispanic Immigrant and farmworker communities. Since 1991, we have worked locally, nationally and internationally to support communities and increase their health knowledge and self-identification of risk. The RWHP uses participatory action research and interactive education materials that model positive behaviors on issues affecting their lives.

Campaign for an American DREAM

The mission of the Campaign for an American DREAM is to walk across the nation from San Francisco to D.C. creating dialogue around the passage of the DREAM Act and immigration reform with the values of equality, unity, and diversity. We believe all people are equal, all those who are oppressed should be united, and our daily lives and the Campaign itself highlight diversity.

Gainesville’s Interfaith Alliance for Immigrant Justice

We are a bridge connecting immigrant rights organizers with local synagogues, mosques, churches, fellowships, student groups, community organizations, and political and academic leaders that seek to be “Good Neighbors” to the immigrant families struggling for justice in our communities and our state. Our goal is to educate and equip congregations and groups to partner together with immigrants who are working towards a just solution for our local and national immigration crisis.


GainesvilleVolunteer.com offers everyone in the Gainesville community get involved using their talents and skills. No matter what your interests or hobbies are, there is a volunteer organization that needs your help. There are so many ways to get involved for people of all ages and talents.

Shine Global

Shine Global is dedicated to ending the abuse and exploitation of children worldwide through films that raise awareness, promote action and inspire political change. Shine Global is a 501(c)(3) non-profit film production company. All contributions to Shine are used to produce our films and are tax deductible. Net profits are returned to the children we document through local non-governmental agencies.

Nonprofit Center of North Central Florida

The Nonprofit Center of North Central Florida’s overall vision is to strengthen the nonprofit sector in Alachua County and contiguous counties.

Limbs for U

Limbs For U entire efforts is to find ways to improve the lives of people living with limb loss and limb deformities and to help raise awareness about limb loss and limb deformities world wide. Our goal is to use resources to positively interact with and improve the lives of amputees. Our journey begins with a single step and we now invite you to join in our journey.

Migrant Farm workers Earn Your Support ::: Harvest of Hope Foundation – Gainesville, Florida ::: Finacial Donations are Welcomed!

The Harvest of Hope Foundation in partnership with the University of Florida, offers various student service learning projects for student credits.

If you are interested in using the Harvest of Hope Foundation for your student service learning project, please take a moment to download, complete and email our application to info@harvestofhope.net.

Packet Includes: Student Service Learning Application; Fund Raiser Guidelines & How to’s; Harvest of Hope Foundation Talking Points; 2011 Media Kit; and link to download our Logo.


All fund raiser must be vetted and approved by the HoH officers before any agreements or contracts can be entered into. No group or individual may represent the HoH Foundation or conduct an event without prior approval.

A fundraising group must be registered with the HoH and include the names, addresses, and emails of all participants. All groups must fill out the required applications with date, time, location, and protocol for the event.

  • In general, events at established restaurants, cafes, and theatres are easier to coordinate but involve working with administrators and support staff. We encourage collaborations but require that groups submit a list of principals from the location.

For your convenience, you may download our suggested list of fundraising opportunities and list of local supporting businesses to contact for fundraising.

Student Application & Fund Raiser Guidelines Only: DONWLOAD

Suggested Fund Raiser & Business Partners Only: DONWLOAD

All participants must read and initial the Harvest of Hope Foundation Media Kit. The Media Kit contains the guidelines for the use of our Business Name, Logo and Official Promotional Tag Line that are to be used on ALL official statements permitted for public comments and all radio, print, TV, letters to the editor, or other media interviews must be directed to Harvest of Hope Foundation officers.

  • All internal communications, memoranda, and financial information are proprietary and may not be discussed publicly. Individual cases for assistance and scholarship must be held in strict confidence
  • All participants must agree not to discuss proprietary information about the HoH Foundation’s finances, fundraising, business operations, personnel, or administrative matters. Group leaders must sign this form indicating acceptance on behalf of their group.

Harvest of Hope Foundation Media Kit & Logo: DONWLOAD

For fund raiser involving portions of proceeds raised at the event, the HoH Foundation will not approve of less than a 20% portion unless significant costs are offset by the host. No costs will be born by the Foundation without prior written approval.

Events involving alcohol must conform to state and local regulations. Three day temporary permits are available for places that do not serve alcohol. For places that do serve alcohol, special sales permits are available. However, groups are reminded that these permits need at least three weeks to process. In all instances, participants and patrons under 21 will be briefed and monitored by the host group and held responsible for all violations.

Host groups will recruit sufficient personnel to conduct the fund raiser, serve patrons, set up and clean, and maintain security and order. All members should allow enough time for set up and cleaning. Some personnel must be assigned to distribute Foundation literature.

Volunteers Needed | Harvest of Hope Foundation | Student Service Learning Hours Available

The Harvest of Hope Foundation for migrant farm workers welcomes individuals and groups interested in volunteering.

Download and complete our Volunteer application. Email application to info@harvestofhope.net

The Harvest of Hope is a very unique, grass roots nonprofit and we are the only national foundation set up exclusively to provide emergency and educational financial aid to migrant farm workers and their families. Because the foundation provides “direct financial aid” we are unfortunately largely ineligible for many grants from other nonprofits and from corporations. We rely completely on individual and group donations, and this is where you can be of help.

1) We welcome individuals and groups to organize and conduct fund-raisers which can include band concerts, bowl-a-thons, restaurant activities, bake and garage sales, car washes, raffles, auctions, pancake breakfasts, spaghetti dinners, and other creative activities. Harvest of Hope will assist with publicity and will provide buttons, brochures and a foundation banner if available. Many students are required to do service learning and this is a great way to accomplish this.

2) Harvest of Hope can make available 12 ounce packages of delicious Sweetwater Organic/Fair Trade Coffee for sale. Roasted in Gainesville, Florida, the foundation has sold thousands of packages around the country. Packages cost 12.00 each and 6.00 from each package goes to the foundation.

3) The foundation welcomes invitations to speak to church and other civic and community organizations about the unique work of the foundation, migrant farm worker issues and immigration. We also welcome the opportunity to do interviews on radio and television, and for print media.

4) Individuals and groups are invited to collect donations of antiques, collectibles and memorabilia which are sold to raise funds on Ebay and at the A Antique Mall in Reddick, Florida. The foundation also accepts donations of cars to sell, and stock and other investments.

One note of caution please. We receive many requests from student journalism and media majors and film-makers wanting to do stories about migrant farm workers. These requests usually entail wanting to get out in the fields to film and to interview migrant workers. This is extremely difficult as many migrant workers live and work in rural areas, and are reluctant to be filmed or interviewed. Arranging these interviews is logistically difficult and time consuming and thus the Harvest of Hope Foundation must say no quite often to these requests.

If you have any questions about volunteering or need further information, please feel free to contact us at 352-372-1312 or by email at info@harvestofhope.net.

Board of Directors | Harvest of Hope Foundation – Gainesville, Florida | Migrant Farm Workers | Seasonal Farm Labours

The Harvest of Hope Foundation is a public, non-profit agency serving the migrant farm worker population of the United States. The center was chartered in the State of New York in 1997 and has 501(c)3 tax exempt status with the IRS. The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors who subscribe to the mission and values of the Harvest of Hope Foundation.

Call the National Migrant Education Hotline 1-800-234-8848. Hotline available 24 hours a day,

7 days a week.

Thanks to an inheritance from his grandmother, Philip Kellerman established the Harvest of Hope Foundation in 1997 as a result of responding to calls from migrant farm workers and families via the National Migrant Education Hotline. The Foundation was developed to provide emergency and educational financial help, often unavailable at the federal, state and local level, to migrant farm workers and families around the country.

Mr. Kellerman has been in migrant education since 1989 when he was employed with the ESCORT Migrant Education Program, based at the New York State University College at Oneonta. For 16 years, from 1995 to 2011, Mr. Kellerman responded to tens of thousands of calls from migrant farmworrkers and families to the National Hotline. He retired from ESCORT in April of 2011 to focus full-time on the Harvest of Hope Foundation. Over the years he has spoken to numerous civic, church and student groups on the work of the Foundation, migrant farm worker issues and immigration.

For his advocacy of migrant farm workers, in May of 2011, Mr. Kellerman was honored with the co-presidents award at the Sunshine State TESOL (Teachers of English of Other Languages) Conference. In September, 2003, Mr. Kellerman and the Harvest of Hope Foundation received an award from the Title I Migrant Education Program of the Florida Department of Education in “honor of outstanding contributions to the education of Florida’s migrant children.”

Mr. Romero began his dedicated involvement with the foundation in 2005 by volunteering his talented digital art design and website programming services to help support migrant farm workers and further the mission of the Harvest of Hope Foundation.

Motivated to expand the foundation’s internet presence and digital outreach, Tom is always adapting and refining our internet presence which now includes social media awareness outreach to thousands of donors and supporters nationwide. Consistent and reliable, Tom offers day to day support with various functional everyday operations within the foundation. His duties also include promotional strategies; partnered network coordination; team building, marketing strategies; fund raising strategies; enhancing donor outreach; help generate awareness about our cause; provide print/web graphic designs; and serves as the Foundation’s liaison.

Tom is native Floridian, holds an A.A. in Business Management and A.S. in Graphic Design Technologies from Santa Fe College.

Ed Kellerman is the communications director for the Foundation. Holding a doctorate of education in educational leadership from the University of Florida, Ed is a senior lecturer in the Dial Center for Written and Oral Communication in UF’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. His specialties include teaching Organizational Communication and Leadership and Intercultural Communication. He and Phil Kellerman team teach a Communications for Non Profit Leadership and Management using the Harvest of Hope Foundation as a service learning model for students. Ed also serves as the Director for the Center for Intercultural Teaching, Learning, and Service (www.citls.com).

Mrs. Sevayega was born the child of Hispanic migrant farmworkers in Texas, and thus has lived the migrant experience in full. She overcame many moves and disruptions to her education as a youth, including failing a high school grade due to working in the fields, yet obtained her doctorate. She is currently an Associate in Higher Education/Teacher Education in the New York State Education Department. For thirteen years, Sevayega has been involved in a service learning project at the State University of New York at Oneonta, where she shares her migrant experiences with students preparing to be teachers and who organize activities to raise funds for the Harvest of Hope Foundation.[9]

Working in various areas of public relations since he was 16, Digital Greg chose public relations as his major at the University of Florida. During his senior year, while working toward his bachelor’s degree, Digital Greg was asked by Ed Kellerman to join the Harvest of Hope Foundation as a public relations intern. The internship which started in January of 2009, lead to his promotion as the inundations public relations specialist.

Prior to working for the Harvest of Hope Foundation, he promoted raves in Broward County for the Hazmat Crew and Lexicon Productions. He also was the special events leader for over three years while working for the City of Plantation. While working for the city, he helped plan an average of 18 events per year.

Migrant Farm workers Earn Your Support ::: Harvest of Hope Foundation – Gainesville, Florida ::: Finacial Donations are Welcomed!

For all general questions and inquiries about the Harvest of Hope Foundation, please contact us at:

Phone: 352.372.1312 (Please, No Emergency Calls!)
Email: info@harvestofhope.net

For 24 Hour Emergency Assistance Hotline

Call the National Migrant Education Hotline!


Call the National Migrant Education Hotline 1-800-234-8848. Hotline available 24 hours a day,

7 days a week.